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B2B - A NMAHU Benefit


For a long time, NAHU has been operating its Broker to Broker members-only online community. B2B is truly one of NAHU’s most beneficial membership benefits. Are you using it?

B2B is an unlimited resource of healthcare industry information and government regulation guidance to help you better serve your clients, and in much less time than it would take to do your own research on industry and government websites.

There are six B2B Discussion Groups available. There is a wealth of credible knowledge among the NAHU members who regularly participate on B2B and who willingly share their knowledge with other B2B participants. You just need to post your question on the appropriate discussion group.

For example, NAHU member Leslie P posted: “I have a group that would like to offer the following different employer contribution levels:

FT 40 hours or more: 100% Employee-Only Contribution
PT 24 to 39 Hours: 50% Employee-Only Contribution

Does anyone know if they can do this? I have been researching and have not found a definitive answer."

John A posted: "I have a single large client who is required to report for ACA and is using ADP, who has confused my client regarding the question below. The client's medical policy anniversary is March 1. For 2015, the reporting form sent to the client to complete states 'beginning with your policy year,' which appears to leave out January and February. She asked them about this and their response appears to indicate the reporting is for policy year and not plan year.

My research seems to support the reporting is benefit plan year which starts January 1. I need a definitive answer (a referral to the law would help) to give my client. Any advice would be much appreciated, especially guidance as to the exact legislative wording.” 

Brian W asked: “I know this has been batted around many times before, but what are the thoughts out there as to how long we should retain client files? Second, I am trying to get as much into digital format as possible. I have quite a few applications in which the carrier allowed for faxing or scanned copies to serve as original for underwriting purposes. Any thoughts as to retention time of original copies, as opposed to scanning and shredding?”

In each case, credible responses were posted within hours, which provided the needed guidance to these inquiries. And all B2B postings are archived for any NAHU member to review at any time, 24/7.

B2B is also an excellent way to find a NAHU member in another state when one of your clients asks you for a referral. For instance, Joan K recently posted: “My group client has an employee with a daughter and her family in 77520 ZIP Code in need of individual coverage. The SEP is termination from group plan due to limiting age.”

Such postings result in one or more responses from NAHU member agents who service the geographical area requested. Then the poster can choose which response(s) to refer to their client for them to follow up with.

We invite you to jump in and join B2B. See how it works and what a great educational resource it will be for you and your clients. We think you’ll really like it! Look in the March issue of HIU for a “B2B Sign-up Guide” that shows you the easy steps to get on board B2B.